Product review: Flexmeter wrist guards

Here’s my quick review of these excellent wrist guards. I suffered two radius fractures to my right arm at the wrist whilst skating. The second was a compound fracture and I was advised by the surgeon not to skate again. I couldn’t not skate ever again, so I decided to invest in some decent wrist protection. I did some research and took the plunge with the Flexmeter guards. They were designed with snow boarders in mind and I figured that snowboarding and skating are in a similar category in regards to body vs floor impact.
So I took the plunge and invested in some back in 2014 for around 50 pounds. Very unlike me to spend that much on something I don’t know will be any good, but I put my faith in the reviews and the product write ups which promised to absorb impacts and save bones.
Of course, not long after I started speed skating the inevitable happened and I crashed hard on my right wrist. I didn’t feel a thing through my wrist at all. Nothing. The impact was absorbed though the heel of my hand where there is a floating pad attached by velcro. Across the back of the wrist there is a verterbrated section which allows controlled flex but prevents the wrist being pushed back.

The wrist guards also feature double velcro straps and is longer than the regular wrist guards you usually come across and are fully machine washable.
My pair have been used for over 3 years now. I wear them every single time I skate, whether social or speed skating. I have crashed in them both indoors and outdoors (see picture below) and I haven’t (as yet) sustained any wrist injuries! The wrist pad on the front has held up pretty well too. Just some scuffing to the surface. The fabric on the underside of the guard has ripped along the seam though, probably from the impacts, but other than that they’ve held up brilliantly. I would highly recommend these to all roller skaters, no matter what the discipline.
Here’s the link to a website featuring them. They are available on Amazon and ebay if you google them. You won’t be disappointed!